High-tech for

your Design


3D Modeling & Printing

As soon as we know your personal design preference, we initiate the printing process. High precision nozzles create your chosen shape layer by layer in highest quality and perfection.



exposure of

the blank

After the printing we remove the excess

Sand from your object. Then we carefully lift the print blank out of the printer and check it for irregularities.

Detail finishing & quality control

Now it's time - in this case with air pressure - to clean your blank. Careful manual work is the top priority - because not the finest sand particles should remain on your product.


through surface refinement


Your desired product should not only be beautiful, but also suitable for everyday use. We coat it to create a surface that is as flattering as it is resistant, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of touch and appearance.

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from Sand


and  more

Shapes, colors, fantastic dreams made by 3D printers


Three things inspired us especially when we decided to become Sandhelden: Our passion for good design, our knowledge of the infinite technical and aesthetic possibilities of 3D printing and our lack of understanding that for one of the most important and used rooms in your home - the bathroom - only standardized products are offered. We wanted to change that. Sustainable, of the highest quality, unique and made from a raw material whose versatile formability is just as fascinating as its workability into astonishingly noble material: sand.


The idea of turning sand into bathrooms that are as individual as your personality and design preferences has now become reality. Elegant, functional and just following your wishes. Convince yourself. Welcome to Sandhelden.


your bath


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inspiring, noble:

Our products

None is like the other - there are only two things in which all our products are alike:

 Their exceptional quality and their unique design. Just let yourself be inspired by the infinite variety

of shapes and colors, by aesthetics and noble design language, in short: by design highlights

 whose final appearance can only be achieved by you alone.



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Your shape

Your color

Your size

our configurator -Only your line counts

From now on you alone decide - whether elegant or a little rustic, oval or angular, filigree or flat, large or small - in our configurator you choose your base and then go further into detail. At the end you can immediately see which beauty will be waiting for you in your bathroom very soon.


We cycle upper!

coming soon

When plastic snippets become living landscapes.


Upcycling is on everyone's mind now. Bottles become lamps, oil drums become shelves. But Sandhelden are already taking a major step further: we have developed processes that enable us to produce valuable raw materials from plastic waste and to use them to create individual, comfortable and unique pieces of furniture right up to entire living landscapes. Here your wishes and ideas will have a decisive influence on the design. We are convinced that this is the right way to stay true to the welcoming trend towards more individuality and effective environmental protection.


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